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HydroGarden | November Necessities


ESSENTIALS Digital 2 Way Thermometer – Min/Max Meter

As plants - particularly root zones - are extremely sensitive to colder climates, growers should ensure that root zone conditions are not dropping below the optimal temperatures of between 20 and 21 degrees Celsius. Keep track of temperatures with this handy thermometer which measures nutrient temperature via a thin waterproof probe. This device also records the highest and lowest temperature values. The straight-forward, easy to read display makes this device ideal for growers of any ability.

LightHouse ECOHEAT Greenhouse Heater

Keep growing environment temperatures stable and protect plants against plummeting temperatures with this awesome heater! For use in any grow room, tent or greenhouse. Available in three sizes – soon to be four! Keep your eyes peeled for our new size coming mid-month!


To help keep grow rooms from becoming frosty, make use of the passive heat emitted from our incredible range of LUMii lamps by keeping your growing environment enclosed within a grow-tent!

LightHouse Loft Tents *COMING SOON

Contain heat and light and save energy with these incredible grow tents! Offering the same high-quality design as the existing LightHouse tents but with a newly designed roof shape, this loft tent is perfect for ensuring growers have maximum usage of grow spaces available!

RAM Ultrasonic Humidifier

Increase the humidity of growing environments by up to 400ml per hour with this humidifier! This product allows plants to transpire efficiently throughout this tough season whilst also decreasing plant stress. Complete with a 5L tank, this humidifier is fully adjustable and easy to use!